heretic creative is an advertising agency for brands who want to inspire meaningful connections and impactful storytelling with an audience who share your passion for what you do…”

We are a creative collaboration of a well-respected designer/marketer and an award winning video production house, looking to team with other leading brands that aren’t afraid to push the creative envelope. In the past two decades we have worked around the country with leading house-hold brands and personalities, shot ads for cinema, pioneered video in the real estate industry, and in a former life toured the world with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

We can see that to really stand out for the right reasons, brands have to innovate with a more heart-centred and innovative approach to marketing and advertising. Our mission is to connect a loyal audience to a brand on an emotional level through storytelling that is adventurous, brave and original.

The truth is… we really want to shake things up in your industry, because that’s exactly what you are doing! We partner with brands that have the same values of innovation, creativity and passion, and are ready to do things differently.
We are modern day heretics in our thinking and our actions.
Are you?

Heretic Creative Agency is for you if you want to:
Create meaningful relationships with your audience
Connect through rich and impactful story telling
Be a trailblazer in your industry
Create memorable campaigns that are original and unexpected
Speak YOUR brand’s truth and not worry about the competition
Be fresh, original and passionate about what you do
Create a new way of doing things in your industry
Share your vision and your reason WHY
Make a real impact
Be a heretic

There is an unspoken truth about your brand just waiting to be told,
that will connect your brand to your audience on a much deeper level.
Are you ready to speak it?


meet the heretic team
Our team has been handpicked and cultivated over the
years (and in some cases decades) to create the right
energy and expertise to work on our client’s brands.

“a heretic
is a thinker, a leader, a creative spirit and pioneer of alternative solutions and thinking. We go against the flow, and always question the norm. We have the authenticity to conceive and develop an original, creative concept that surprises and leaves a mark. We tell your brand’s story like no-one has before…”
Melissa and James


we do

* branding and design
* video production
* connection marketing
* advertising campaigns
* websites and e-commerce
* mobile/app design
* organic seo
* voiceovers / presenters / actors
* social media campaigns
* copy writing
* photography
* print

what we
don’t do

* paid seo
* it support
* hosting
* telemarketing
* boring content and ‘vanilla’ designs
* long, drawn out meetings
* charge you high premiums for our fancy digs
* speak in advertising jargon
* be boring or clichéd


It’s all about
your brand

  • take the brief
  • set a timeline and outcomes
  • brainstorm the possibilities…
    absolutely no boundaries!
  • clear brand communication
  • timely execution and seamless delivery
  • measure, analyse, revise
  • repeat

Our sole focus is to produce memorable brands, video and digital material that connects. To leave a long-lasting legacy for our client’s brands. To be iconic.

We immerse ourselves in your brief and put ourselves in the shoes of your customer. Your audience is engulfed by thousands of marketing messages every day. To stand out and cut through the ‘vanilla-flavoured’ messaging, you need to be heretical and unique in your approach.

This doesn’t mean we take crazy risks.
It just means you dare to be a little different to be memorable.

“A company will come to us when they realise
they want a better relationship with their customers. They want their marketing to be personal, and they want their audience to identify with their brand. Our clients recognise that marketing is about delivering rich and original content to a thirsty audience.”


We wear our heart and our passion on our sleeve. Our guess is that you do too. It’s what makes us so good at what we do.

Too much of what we see in marketing today is about shock value, click-bait, predictable cliches and leaning on influencers’ questionable audiences…. all glitter but where is the story?

The true power of marketing is being able to share our stories that evoke real emotions and connection, and to inspire action. To be an impactful storyteller requires truth and honesty.

wanna see
some of our

We have cultivated longstanding relationships with our
clients and partners, and strive to always deliver the
best creative and innovative solutions for their brand.

We live for this stuff… it’s our passion.