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“Can’t you just…?”

One of the beautiful things about a Client who REALLY wants video, is the lengths they’ll go to, in order to be prepared.

We meet, I listen, I offer ideas, we settle on the concept, and I then issue a list of things necessary, or nice-to-have, that we require to make the shoot a reality. Once all this comes together, the shoot is a gem and everybody wins.

Sadly though, this isn’t always the case. I’ve been on many shoots where the Client has been told by someone else that they need video, and rather than embracing the concept, have merely capitulated, and this is a very real difference in perspective. What follows is a very perceptible lack of support or interest, at which point the words “Yeah but can’t you just…” appear.

“Can’t you just film our signage?”

“Can’t you just grab shots of the nearby crowd?”

“Can’t you just?” (rotates hand in the air to presumably signify I can just pull something magical out of my bag of tricks)

No. I can’t “just” film your signage because that would be as engaging as a photo of said signage. No I can’t just grab shots of the nearby crowd, because I can’t film children or adults without express permission, requiring individually signed waivers. No.. there is no magic formula, unless you’re prepared to pay a horrific extra amount for CGI/special effects, which was never discussed and therefore not in any budget.

Storytelling in video is necessary. As necessary as having a website and a social media presence. Having a below par video is useless. If you’re not involved or invested, seriously… don’t bother.

Here is an example of perfect preparation. Melissa involved me in the script then I suggested the concept, and then we spent time sourcing the perfect venue. On the day, everything went perfectly.

If you embrace the notion of video advertising, you’ll then engage and support the preparation, and you’ll end up with one gem of a product.


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