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Is marketing your business in a time of crisis… ok?

Welcome back to your business if you returned this week. It’s been a heck of a time these Christmas and New Years holidays in 2020, and we feel such a mixture of emotions to try to get back into work when so many people are truly suffering and trying to rebuild their lives with fires still raging around them.

We had planned on marketing pretty heavily this holiday period, but how does one market online like nothing has happened, at a time like this when Australia is hurting so badly? I had a few clients ask me this question just this morning when they returned back officially, and from a social media observer point of view it has been an interesting week to say the least!

The whole country has watched on in dismay via our social feeds this past week as hundreds and thousands of people fled for their lives to beaches and into rivers to survive. Images of devastated people, dead animals and ravaged land flood our airways and conjure up all kinds of emotions. And then as I scrolled my feed those first couple of days, I would see a random ad for some unimportant service or product and found myself thinking… who would be advertising their business at a time like this?

The advertising in my feed did ease off. I think people did start to question if it was the right time, and some high profile influencers even apologised and acknowledged they’d had some push back from their community for marketing at this time. It just seemed so insensitive.

Probably the most beautiful things we witnessed were the posts that weren’t meant to take off. Like Celeste Barber‘s humble fundraiser. She was hoping for $10,000, and at the time of pressing publish she has raised well over $36 Million! Words cannot express how amazing and uplifting this kind of positive virality is! And rockstar Pink donating $500K and asking for absolutely nothing in return, just showing her support to a country that has always supported her. And then Russell Crowe staying back in Australia to be supportive to friends and family rather than travelling to the US to accept his award at the Golden Globes. These awesome acts of grace and quiet selflessness really do reflect what I believe is true Aussie spirit (even If Pink isn’t Australian!).

So, in answer to your question (if you were wondering), when is the right time to start advertising your business in a time of despair and national tragedy? There is no right answer. It really does depend on YOU and your business. What YOUR moral code finds acceptable, and what your audience would ask of you. Connection marketing is all about authenticity and being sincere. It’s about having a conscious business ethic that lives to serve your customer and the world around you as best you can. So if you honestly feel that it’s too soon to be promoting your business right now, then don’t. – Because it won’t feel right and your audience will most likely feel the same way as you do.

If there is one thing I have struggled with during this time, it’s all the negative reactions from people as we try to struggle through how to process the massive sense of loss we are feeling. For some, it will mean throwing themselves back into their work to regain some normality. For others, it will mean hosting massive fundraisers and using their large audiences to the best of their ability to feel like they are helping. And for others, it will mean going on a holiday in a couple of months to fire-affected areas and buying up big to support those communities. Whatever it is for you, I just ask that it is AUTHENTIC and it feels right and you do your best not to judge others who choose a different path.

Much love and support to everybody suffering right now, and let’s keep working together to rebuild the spirits of the shattered towns, communities, farms, national parks and devastated wildlife.
True leadership and connection begins with us.

Melissa and James

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(Photo credit – Sutherland Shire Council)